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1) Decrease the emission of noxious fumes
2) Decrease the cost of disposing of the oil
3) Do not alter the wording of the product in use.
4) Contribute to the non-breeding of bacteria that creates odor.
5) Oxygenates the liquid.
6) Increases the duration of the tools work
7) Euroseparator has not consumable and does not require personnel to operate.

EUROSEPARATOR is designed to be fixedly installed on the CNC machine .
In this way you will get the best results because the cleaning of the tank will become automatic.
With this separator zero downtime since the operator does not lose time in useless move the separator.
Other systems, other than our own, individually clean the tanks, leaving the rest of the fleet by vosro disoleare.
EUROSEPARATOR applied to each machine, improve the working environment without wasting unnecessary time, will also be able to work 24 hours on 24 with excellent results.

Euroseparator description
EUROSEPARATOR is a machine that separates the oil from the oil emulsifiable lubricant, in a short time.
Mist Separato the moving liquid and requires no special procedures for the operation because the pump is self priming and is leveling the float.
Contrary to other separation systems to drag such as tapes or discs immersed in the liquid, which can only work in liquid still and for a radius of influence in the tub very limited where the lubricating oil will be recovered through a vessel grounded.
Sometimes, however, for distraction or forgetfulness, the oil will overflow or guides will be overthrown.
The separating the liquid from the tank EUROSEPARATOR aspireà with a pump with adjustable flow. The oil on the surface (oil guides) will be caught by means of a suction system to infinity.
The emulsion enters caught in a tank used with appropriate filters to large contact surface.
The lubricating oil will rise to the surface by gravity, stratify, until completion of the level of the tank and overflow into a collection container, which, equipped with a sensor for the overflow, automatically shut off the pump.
Below the liquid Defatted, for natural fall back into the tub of the machine.

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